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Homestar Assessment Services

Homestar - Homecoach™ Assessment - Price $199 +gst

The Homestar - Homecoach™Assessment uses the same online tool but provides the reassurance of a trained building industry service pro

A Homecoach is a building industry service provider who has been trained by Homestar to assist you through the online tool. As a qualified Homecoach, EnviroSpec offers you a personalised service at your home, assisting you with completion of the questions with accurate information, in order to provide your Homecoach Assessment. We will also talk you through the recommendations and assist you in choosing the right solutions for your home.

>>> To book a Homecoach assessment call now on 09 889 2190 / 021 790 673 or email contact@envirospec.co.nz




HomestarPractitioner - Preassessment review - Price $595 + gst

At Homestar Practitioner level, EnviroSpec will help guide you on good environmental design when you are planning your new home, or a major renovation in your existing home.

There are lots of things to concider when planning your new home or major renovation, and incorporating good environmental design before you commence a project can avoid costly alterations later on.

The Pre-Assessment review will use the offical certification framework (including detailed thermal performance analysis)  and undertake a complete review of your drawings, specification and product selections. EnviroSpec will provide you with your existing performance score and provide a list of recommendations on how to achieve an improved rating, including the documentation/evidence you will need for your offical onsite Homestar certified assessment post construction.

>>> To book a Homestar preassessment review call now on 021 790 673 or email contact@envirospec.co.nz



HomestarCertified Assessment  - Price $899 +gst (excluding fee to NZGBC)

A homestar Certified Assessment will provide a qualified rating for your home, validated by a third party.

When you are selling or renting a home this provides a greater level of credibility and assurance for any prospective home owners or tenants. This is carried out by a trained specialist at your home covering much greaterdetail than either the Self Assessment or Homecoach Assessment.

EnviroSpec's assessor will spend a few hours at your home measuring in detail the attributes that contribute to the comfort, health and performance of your home. The assessor will calculate your home's certified Homestar rating and provide you with a certificate of assessment that you will be able to use in your advertising when selling or renting.

>>> To book a Homestar Certified assessment call now on 021 790 673 or email contact@envirospec.co.nz