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Key Properties:

• Super E0 emmissions 

• ISO 14001 & 9001 certified manufacturing.

• FSC and ECNZ certified.

• Contributes towards points in Green Star NZ and Homestar.


Customwood SuperFinish® MDF

Product Description

Representing a major step forward in high-end MDF production, Customwood SuperFinish®  is designed for discerning customers providing not only super high-gloss and blemish-free paint finishes on all edges/surfaces, but also healthier environmental conditions with its minimal levels of formaldehyde emissions.

SuperFinish®  uses Customwood® as a base (core). Customwood® is a dry-process fibreboard made with softwood (pine species) fibres from NZ South Island plantations. A low formaldehyde emitting resin (UF or MUF) is used.

Technical and Environmental Benefits

Able to contribute towards points in Green Star NZ and Homestar projects. Refer to Green Star NZ / Homestar Summary Sheet.

Formaldehyde emissions go as low as Super E0.

Wood sources being either FSC certified or controlled to FSC standards, Customwood is FSC certified.

Customwood® board complies with the Australian/New Zealand standards for fibreboard (AS/NZS 1859.2:2004) and the Japanese Industrial Standard JIS A 5905:2003

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Green Building Rating Compatibility Green Building Summary Sheet
Quality Management Systems ISO 9001
Environmental Management System ISO 14001
Responsible Sourcing FSC
Life Cycle based Ecolabel Environmental Choice NZ
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Manufacturers and Suppliers

Daiken New Zealand is a joint venture between two Japanese companies Daiken Corporation and Itochu Corporation.

Daiken has a strong focus on sustainability and is one of Japan's leading building materials manufacturers. Through its ambitious research and development efforts, Daiken is continuously working to develop the newest materials, concepts and technologies.Itochu is a truly global enterprise with hundreds of overseas offices, subsidiaries and affiliates.

The New Zealand plant, just north of Christchurch, has always had a close relationship with Japan. Since the early days of production Japan has been its biggest export market.

Daiken New Zealand has started a program of restoration of the environs of Saltwater Creek in North Canterbury from its current farmland state to a native bush environment. More than 2000 native plants have been planted to date.

Contact Information


Daiken New Zealand Limited

Daiken New Zealand Limited

Web Site : http://www.customwood.co.nz
Physical Address

Upper Sefton Road

Phone Number : 03 313 6819
Fax Number : 03 313 6830


Daiken New Zealand Limited

Daiken New Zealand Limited

Web Site : http://www.customwood.co.nz
Physical Address

Upper Sefton Road

Phone Number : 03 313 6819
Fax Number : 03 313 6830
Application and Purpose

SuperFinish®  is a hligh gloss added value item for joinery and cabinetry, around the kitchen and bathroom, shop fittings, shelving, film sets, and other mainly non-structural applications.

Installation and Maintenance

Can be fixed using screws, nails or staples. Any adhesive that performs well with wood will perform well with SuperFinish® . Accepts standard joinery and furniture joints like dowels, dovetails and half joints; their success depends on clean and precision machining. All exposed surfaces and edges should be sealed before being put into service. SuperFinish®  must not be used in exterior applications, wet or potentially wet areas, in conditions that may exceed 50ºC, or in direct contact with masonry or concrete.

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