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Key Properties:

Latest 2014 LED Filament Technology.

Produce light in 360° direction unlike other LED bulbs

Bulbs look like traditional incandescent bulbs

UniLED Filament LED Bulb

Product Description

Latest 2014 LED Filament Technology. These bulbs look exactly like the traditional incandescent bulbs. They also produce light in a 360 degree direction. This technology is applied all across the range of their range of our products. 

Range includes:

C35-2W Filament LED bulb

A60-6W Filament LED bulb   

R80-6W Filament LED bulb

G95-4W Filament LED bulb

ST64-4W Filament LED bulb

G125-4W Filament LED bulb


Technical and Environmental Benefits

ROHS certified

25000 hours

No Mercury

80-90% less Power 

Very high lumen per watt ratio - 6W Bulb produces over 750 lumens

EMC certified

LVD certified

2 Year Warranty


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Green Building Rating Compatibility Green Star Home Star Summary sheet
EnviroSpec notice to user

The information provided on this page is presented as guidance only. When reviewing a product s potential towards Green Star NZ and/or Homestar outcomes, the user is invited to always consult the Green Star NZ / Homestar Summary Sheet available here and for download under the Certificates section. A separate disclaimer is also provided below and must be read by all users. It is assumed that you agree with the disclaimer if using the information contained on this page for personal or business purpose

Green Star NZ / Homestar Compatibility – quick view
Tool Credit Points Available Contribution Symbol Contribution Potential Detail
Homestar   EHC - 3  2   tick  2 points (assuming outdoor “best lighting” also achieved)  

This credit rewards energy efficient lighting options according to fair / good / better and best lighting achievements. "Best" lighting requires indoor lamps to have an efficacy above 35 lumens per watt with integral fitting or dedicated base. The nominated product complies with these requirements and can be specified to achieve the "best" lighting points.


Note:This analysis excludes outdoor lighting, which must also meet minimum requirements in order to achieve the "Best" lighting points.

Symbol Manner in which the product may contribute towards points
Products must meet specific criteria (e.g. Paint VOC emissions, carpets, etc)
Products may help achieve points by their very nature, if they are specified and included in the design in accordance with Green Star NZ requirements (e.g. bicycle racks)
Products may help achieve an outcome but they must be used in a specific manner (e.g. lightingcontrol and zoning systems) OR this product can contribute towards the outcome but many other products or factor influence that same outcome (e.g. Potable Water Calculator)
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Green Star® is a registered trade mark of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA), used under licence in New Zealand by the New Zealand Green Building Council (NZGBC). Homestar™ is a Joint Venture partnership between BRANZ and the New Zealand Green Building Council. The information represented on EnviroSpec is not endorsed by the GBCA or the NZGBC. For detailed technical information about credit requirements refer to the Green Star® Technical Manuals. Rating Tools and Technical Manuals are subject to change by the NZGBC, and any decision regarding the award of credits towards a Green Star® rating in New Zealand is at the sole discretion of the NZGBC.

EnviroSpec does not accept liability for any loss or damages resulting from the use of this document and emphasizes that this document is provided as guidance only, Use of, or reliance upon, any information contained in this report is at the user’s own risk.

The information presented in this report is valid for the Green Star® NZ tools nominated herein only. As and when the NZGBC brings out new Green Star® NZ tools, the information may require updating. EnviroSpec will only update information in this report upon receiving written consent from the Manufacturer, Supplier or upon request from the NZGBC. It is the responsibility of the reader to check for regular updates.

Manufacturers and Suppliers

UNILED was conceived from the need to provide the market with a high value cost effective range of LED lighting for residential homes.

UniLED's mission is to provide unique and innovative LED solutions to the market, while maintaining cost competitiveness, high quality and safety through compliance of all relevant standards.

The manufacturer produces a range of LED Filament Bulb products in a manufacturing facility in China.

ISO 9000 accredited.

Contact Information




Web Site : https://www.uniled.co.nz/
Physical Address

22 Harris Road
East Tamaki
Auckland 2163


Phone Number : 0800 560 804




Web Site : https://www.uniled.co.nz/
Physical Address

22 Harris Road
East Tamaki
Auckland 2163


Phone Number : 0800 560 804
Application and Purpose

Indoor and undercover lighting. Decorative and Mood Lighting as well as bighter options for Task Lighting

Installation and Maintenance

Make sure you turn the switch off. This will prevent you from being electrocuted. Fit the new bulb.

Do not over-tighten or press on the bulb too hard. This can cause the buld to shatter or damage the threads in the socket. 

Turn on the light switch to make sure the bulb works.

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