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Benefits of Wood Flooring

How can you improve your home performance?

Thanks to our Eco-Home Education Spot, we can present you some different eco-products to improve your home, and by the way your comfort. If you care considering a renovation, why not get a certification for your home, such as Homestar. (more information on homestarexperts.co.nz)

If you have your heart set on traditional hardwood flooring, while not usually considered eco-friendly due deforestation concerns, it can still be an option.   There are two types of hard wood to consider.  Reclaimed wood is ideal as it reuses existing wood from trees that were chopped down a long, long time ago.  Salvaged wood flooring can look beautiful in older homes or in a beach cottage.

The other option is to purchase hardwood labeled FSC certified.  This is a designation by the Forest Stewardship Council and they promote the responsible management of forests throughout the world with a focus on adhering to high social and environmental standards.

Luckily with today's technology and a bit of imagination, eco-friendly flooring does not have to come at the expense of style.  Smart consumers can have both. This kind of eco-floor was present in the past, then saw a decline in since the 80s-90s, but is now making a come back.

Wood floors are easy to clean, and provide a decorative atmosphere…  But there are others benefits to using wood flooring.

   1) It is a highly renewable product. If well managed, it is possible to supply wood without any serious impact on the environment. The best way to ensure this is to obtain wood that is either salvaged/recycled or that has the FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) chain of Custody certification, meaning it is from a sustainable forestry source.

   2) Wood is a carbon neutral product that produces oxygen during its growth cycle and stores carbon during its service life.

Wood flooring is an investment, but a wooden floor lasts for decades with a quality wood and good maintenance. If after a few years your wood floor has been slightly  damaged,  a simple sand and seal will bring it back to new again. Or, at the end of its life, wood flooring can be burned (preferably to provide energy for another process), repurposed and recycled.

This kind of floor is in harmony with all others products, it can be installed over almost any existing floor in the home. As long as a moisture barrier is in place and water prevention measures are taken it can also be installed at any grade. Indeed, unfortunately wood flooring is very vulnerable to humidity and moisture, which can deteriorate the wood. This is why if you need to mop a spill from the floor, or do a general cleaning, make sure that the mop is just damp.

Finally, if you decide to sell your home, hardwood floors will increase the value of your home and help the home sell faster.

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