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The Importance of Double Glazed Windows

How can you improve your home performance?

Double glazed windows let in as much sunlight as a single glazed window

The insulating layer of double glazing helps keep the cold temperatures on the outside from affecting the climate on the inside. The benefit for you is that your home will be noticeably warmer in winter.

The shift from single glazing to standard double glazing will reduce heat loss through your windows by over 50%.

By using glass with improved thermal properties (such as Low-E glass) and argon filled units, the reduction in heat loss through your windows can be greater than 70%.

Double glazing is standard in most new homes, but during a renovation it's worth thinking about adding double glazing to your windows.

Fletcher Aluminum thermally broken windows take it one step further, by providing an insulation strip in the frame itself, improving yet further the thermal benefits obtained.

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