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Advanced Tech

All the latest trends and the future of Sustainable Infrastructure

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Paint That Cleans Air!

Does the paint in your home/office clean the air?   Now It Can!

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'Water-house' Slashes Energy Needs

One Japan-inspired Hungarian inventor believes he has found a revolutionary and inexpensive way to construct buildings that could slash humanity's energy needs.

And the magic ingredient for Matyas Gutai's invention is simple: water (...)

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Plant Powered Electricity

Dutch company harvests electricity from living plants to power streetlights, Wi-Fi, and cell phones...
This company harnesses electricity from living plants, and then uses it to power cell phone chargers, Wi-Fi hotspots, and now over 300 LED streetlights in two sites in the Netherlands. Plant-e debuted its "Starry Sky" project in November 2014 at an old ammunition site called HAMbrug, near Amsterdam, and plant power is also being used near the company's headquarters in Wageningen.

Many researchers are looking for ways to basically generate electricity from thin air (...)

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Cross Laminated Timber Could be Future of Building

 A new type of wood, CLT (Cross Laminated Timber) is taking the building world by storm. CLT is an engineered mass timber product, which is made of solid panels of wood engineered for strength through laminations of different layers. CLT can be made into very large, very dense solid panels and has significant benefits over light wood frame techniques in terms of fire, acoustic performance, structural performance, scale, material stability and construction efficiency.

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Increasing Productivity in Offices 

How can we create an environment that allows us to do our best and be the most productive? The World Green Building Council, in partnership with its Green Building Council network, has published a new report, Health, well-being and productivity in offices: The next chapter for green building (...) 

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Pop up Solar can be Installed Anywhere

For the longest time living in complete isolation likely meant no ability to use electricity. Well a group of innovators in Florida think they have a way to provide solar power, clean water and Wi-Fi to those people. The Ecos PowerCube, developed by Stuart, Fla.-based Ecoshpere Technologies, is a self-sustaining solar-power system housed in shipping containers. These containers travel quickly and easily, since everything in the world is shipped in these 10′, 20′ or 40′ metal boxes. Once on site, the container can be opened to deploy the solar panels. The panels can generate up to 15 kW of electricity, which can be used to power wireless telecommunications, Internet access and mobile water treatment systems. The technology can be used to power military or emergency response personnel or create a sustainable oasis for people living in poverty. For more info about pop up solar technology and the entire article follow this link here


Latest into Green Roofs and Green Walls

 In the United States green roofs and green walls are spreading throughout many of the urban cities with Chicago, San Francisco and Maryland leading the way. This trend first started in Europe where Germany in 2002 had 10% of all its flat roofs covered in vegetation. Japan has also become a leader in facade greening in high-rise urban cores where the exterior wall area greatly exceeds the roof area.

 There are many reasons for this (...) 

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Solar-Powered Roads Light Up

Solar Roadways, a project to develop solar panels that are strong enough to be walked on, biked on, driven on and parked on is possibly revolutionizing energy. What's more, they contain heating elements designed to melt snow and, if that wasn't enough, they're embedded with LEDs to display warnings and traffic messages. Imagine a road that alerts you in the middle of the night, for example, that a deer has stepped onto it.

Each hexagonal panel has its own circuitry and is covered in tempered glass that can withstand 250,000 pounds of force. For more information Click here!


Using Bacteria to Break Down Waste

 Miranda Wang and Jeanny Yao have identified a new bacteria that breaks down nasty compounds called phthalates, common to flexible plastics and linked to health problems. Much of the plastic in trash may not degrade for 5,000 years. The bacteria found can transform phthalates into carbon dioxide, water and alcohol. The most efficient degraders came from the landfill site. This technology is still in the research phase and has a long way to go but could be a great solution to much of our waste issues. For more information you can watch Wang and Yao's conference about their discovery here